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The vision of this project is to transmit and spread the teaching of this lifestyle, full of coherence, abundance and generosity to reconnect with the earth and with your being.

What does Jagriti Life do?

Permacultura AgroEcológica

Work the land in a sustainable and responsible way.

Produce and transform

Quality organic products and foods

Provide Tools

To know yourself and improve your well-being

Transmit our experience

Through workshops, courses and retreats

The Project

I would like to thank in advance the deceased Naturopath Master Don Sergio E. Acosta who helped me capture and reorganize all my ideas and dreams to be able to form this wonderful project where I can share all my experiences and knowledge while continuing to learn from the essence of the life.

This project emerged in 2016 as a model to transmit and spread a lifestyle, full of coherence, abundance and generosity, where you can reconnect again with the earth and with your being. Through the synergy between working with the land, holistic nutrition and mindfulness activities, you achieve a balanced and self-sufficient lifestyle, which I want to share to inspire other people that finding yourself is possible.

Jagriti Life is a health school where the earth, animals and human beings are included in a whole. Well, a healthy earth promotes healthy humans and these in turn facilitate a healthy world. However, at Jagriti “health” is not taken as a word, much less as a first aid kit, but rather as a lifestyle, sustainable and in harmony with the ever-changing nature.

Health is the pillar of this project, but what is Health? Health is the balance between mind, body and spirit. And how do we know if we are in balance? We know when we stop worrying and let's make health our life conviction.

That is why in this project we deal with health by working the earth as a mirror of the soul, people experience the life cycle of organic foods, the creation of life naturally with full mental, physical and spiritual dedication to the earth, discovering and returning to the essence of life.

The intention of this project is to reach people who need it, from anywhere in the world, to receive our extensive knowledge and experience, so that they can feel and see first-hand that the change towards self-sustainability is possible.

At the same time we also facilitate the interaction between culturally different citizens of the world, enriching the experience of working on oneself with the land through sharing it with other people without distinction of ethnicity, religion, sex, political, social or economic ideologies, promoting unity, understanding and harmony.

Our vision is...

  • Promulgate the teaching of this lifestyle, full of coherence, abundance and generosity to connect with the earth.
  • Teach how to heal oneself through working with the earth as a mirror of the soul.
  • Promote the awareness and self-knowledge of each individual through our Mindfulness activities.
  • Offer natural therapies to people who need tools for their development.
  • Disclose the intrinsic value of organic products and their health benefits.
  • Serve as an example of natural self-sufficiency.

Advice on Permaculture and AgroEcology

Starting from the principles of permaculture and the knowledge of AgroEcology, we help promote work with the land and generate diverse projects that want to include sustainability, conservation and regeneration of ecosystems.

Whether it is a balcony, a garden, an adjacent plot of land or a farm, any project is a living system, it is an extension of our being that needs to be attended to and cared for. 

How does it work?


Through a site visit and a study of the project and its needs, we generate a self-sufficient and adaptive design.


We implement the design in one or several stages:

  • Soil preparation.
  • fertilizer development.
  • Installation of irrigation systems.
  • Nurseries, greenhouses, seedbeds, etc.


Advice and monitoring throughout the entire process:

  • Crop rotation and fertilizers.
  • Soil regeneration.
  • Biocontrollers (natural repellents) for pests.
  • Self-production of seeds and cuttings.

Belén Azorín


Desde pequeña el afán de superación, la ayuda al prójimo y la salud han sido valores muy relevantes en mi vida, mi visión siempre estuvo enfocada en la relación existente entre la naturaleza y la salud. Es por eso que los pasos seguidos en mi vida me han llevado a estudiar psicología, para conocer la psique humana; agricultura para conocer el entramado de la tierra; Yoga para conocer el potencial de nuestro cuerpo y naturopatía para conocer la importancia de una alimentación consciente. Todos ellos me llevaron a concluir que somos un TODO, un entramado donde todo está conectado, por eso mi visión en esta vida es transmitir todo lo que se, como dice la frase: “ayudando a otros, te ayudas a ti mismo”.

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